450.550.2024 FR


Approved Customer Service Facility (CSF) for Bell helicopters

Bell B206, B407, B505, B204, B205, B212, B412 – AMO TC 32-98

  • Specialized in major maintenance and aircraft completions
  • Approved tail boom fixture for B205, B212, B412
  • Part sales
  • STC and customer option installation
  • Tools rental
  • Composite repair
  • Sheet metal and structure repair
  • Avionics system installations
  • Aircraft paint
bell 212 c-gznk4 bell helicopter bell 407

Avionic shop

  • ELT recertification
  • Altimeter recertification
  • Multiple component repair
  • Integration test (transponder, altimeter and encoder)
  • Test bench Technisonic
  • David Clark headset repair
  • Technical drawing, STC, installation and certification

Sheet metal / Composite shop

  • Sheet metal work
  • Composite repair and hot bonding
  • Structural repair
  • Modification installation and STC
  • Mobile repair party
bell tableau de bord bell structure bell structure